Want to know more -  here's our book list for further reading

History of Blaydon                             Winlaton Local History Society

History of the
Parish of Ryton                                  William Bourn

History of Blaydon
District                                               J.Maughan 1955

Blaydon &
Winlaton Through Time                     Nick Neave & Susan Lynn

Men of Iron                                         M.W.Flinn

Blacksmiths Friendly
Society 1826                                       T.R.Hodgson

History of St. Paul’s Church               T.R.Hodgson 

Meldred 1st Lord of the Manor           T.R.Hodgson

The Militant
Democracy                                         N.Todd

Life of Joseph      
Cowen                                                William Duncan

Life & Speeches
of  Joseph Cowen                               Evan Rowland Jones

The Braes of
Derwent Hunt                                     G.A.Cowen

of Tyne & Wear
1864                                                     Lit&Phil Ref N6.Newcastle upon Tyne

Blaydon Burn,A
Short History                                        Susan Lynn 

Buildings of Co
Durham                                                 Nikolaus Pevsner

Brickworks of the
North East                                            Peter J. Davison

The Derwent Valley
Walk                                                     Winlaton & District Local History Society

Pictures of Old
Blaydon & Winlaton                            Colin Batey

Pictures of Old                      
Blaydon                                              Colin Batey

Blaydon in Old

Picture Postcards                                N.G.Rippeth

The Blaydon Races                             Joan Gale


This list of suggestions is by no means comprehensive, but due to the importance of Crowley’s  and the Cowen family there are
also many other history books which feature Blaydon and Winlaton.

 While local history books do go out of print due to short print runs they can be obtained through Gateshead Libraries or bought second hand at bookshops or via the internet.
Gateshead Central Library also has a full selection of Ordnance Survey maps and other photographs, books and historical documents.

Go to   www.gatesheadlocalstudies.com   or email   libraries@gateshead.gov.uk


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